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an agile team: bringing in the right consultants when you need them

Workpond lives by its values – operating with agility, bringing in specialist skills when it needs them. Therefore, while Amanda Seabrook has a deep understanding and experience in the labour market and future of work, she works closely with a team of trusted consultants in the areas of Purpose, Leadership, Process and Organisational Structure. Every client’s needs are unique, therefore she works carefully to ensure that the right consultants are matched to the right client.

Meet the Workpond Team

Amanda Seabrook

Agility Specialist - Speaker and Strategy Consultant

Amanda began her career in Investment Management, working as an Investment Analyst at Fuji Lord-Abbett and ABN Amro Asset Management (Australia), Amanda took a short career break when her children were born. Surprised by the lack of flexible or remote opportunities for professionals (both men and women), she started researching the UK labour market and employment practices with regards to flexible working. She set up Workpond in 2011, initially as a marketplace for flexible work. This developed into full-service recruitment. In 2016, Workpond launched its Consultancy business providing support to businesses looking to develop more agile business structures, integrating agile working with their overriding company goals. In 2018, she closed the recruitment side of the business, relaunching Workpond as an Agile Consultancy.

Amanda believes deeply in the benefits of agility and agile working for all organisations in today’s rapidly changing world. She divides her time between consulting, conducting workshops and speaking on the topic of Agility and Agile working. She has a deep understanding of the UK labour market and business strategy.

Outside work, Amanda enjoys spending time with her husband and three children in Dorset and London. Amongst other things, she enjoys dinghy sailing, golf and skiing.

designing agile organisations that are aligned to the workforce of the future