60% of office workers believed that working flexibly would make them more productive.
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Experts in our field: helping you implement agility within your organisation

We provide the knowledge and tools that enable organisations to identify how they can benefit from agility and we take them through the process of change. Having worked closely with a large number of Agile Organisations, we have distilled our knowledge into an easy to follow methodology, that simplifies the process and helps align all stakeholders.

We work through Workpond’s 10 Essentials of the Agile Organisation explaining exactly why they are important and what impact they have on the business. We then work out where work needs to be carried out. In some cases, we work together with carefully chosen third party experts, who have greater experience in some niche areas, such as ‘Purpose’, workspace design and IT systems.

Make Agility Central to your Business Strategy

1 Talks and Workshops

We provide Workshops to Executives, HR professionals and Line Managers helping them to understand what it means to be an Agile Organisation and what steps they will need to take to become agile.

2 Strategic Consultancy

Using the Workpond Methodology, we take our clients through a 3 step process: first assessing their needs; advising them on the changes that need to be made and then working closely with them through the roll-out stage.

Aligning teams around agility: understanding the basics

Whether you are a CEO or an HR Director considering placing agility at the centre of your business strategy, you will be wanting to find out everything you can to make the process of change smooth.

This is why we have designed a series of workshops that will inform you and your team, helping you to identify what benefits you will gain from becoming agile; what you will need to do and in what order.

Whether or not you decide to embark on a full agility change program, you will have gained some fascinating insights into the labour market; new techniques for designing agile roles and attracting agile talent; how agile organisations operate and the type of leadership required to maximise the benefits.

Agile working can be used to improve an organisations’ ability to accommodate flexible and family friendly working and can therefore be used as a tool for improving Diversity and Inclusion. Therefore these workshops can be use as a tool to educate line managers who find it hard to integrate flexibile working into their teams.

"We found Workpond’s strategic support incredibly helpful and we highly recommend their professional approach"
Workpond Client, Talent Director
Designing agile organisations that are aligned to the workforce of the future