Experts in our field: helping you get ahead of the game

We work as a cost effective outsource partner for our clients, providing them with strategic input, project management and recruitment support as needed.

Clients retain our services because they want to increase agility and improve resilience within their organisation, but do not have the resources to do so. As required, we help them to create alignment within the Executive Team and work closely with them to understand their organisation, strategy and culture. We work with them to create an Agile Resource Plan supporting the overall strategic aims of the company. We then help them to implement it.

Agile organisations need to approach recruitment differently to traditional organisations – we can, therefore, help them to set up internal recruitment functions that will attract the right type of talent, whether on a consultancy, freelance, part-time, interim or remote basis cost effectively.

Make Agility Central to your Business Strategy

1 Talks and Strategic Workshops

We provide interactive talks and workshops to organisations to explain why businesses need to be agile in today’s rapidly changing world – and what agile means. We help participants analyse how ‘agile’ they are, and the steps they need to take to improve their agility.

2 Agility Consultancy

For those lacking time and resources, we provide consultancy to design and implement agile strategies for businesses. We take clients through the whole process, developing an agile resource plan, designing roles, training managers and putting processes in place to support their strategy.

3 Agile Recruitment

We provide a refreshing alternative to traditional recruitment – helping companies create their own pools of potential talent, cost effectively. We let clients choose the services they need so they receive as much or as little help as needed – avoiding the expensive percentage fees of a traditional recruiter.

Aligning teams around agility: understanding the basics

Before you start, you need to know that your whole team is aligned. We, therefore offer workshops and presentations to explain the methodology and answer questions to ensure that all decision makers are aligned.

We will help you understand how the labour market is changing and how you can build an organisation that is agile and efficient, with a motivated loyal workforce. We will explain how to design roles that benefit you and improve staff engagement.

"Workpond’s service is exemplary and I will definitely come back to you for all my future recruitment requirements."
Workpond Client, Construction Industry

Agile Resource Plan: a cornerstone of your business planning process

Your people are essential to the success of your business – therefore alongside your business plan, you should have a Strategic Workforce Plan or Agile Resource Plan, as we call it.

This plan should be created in conjunction with your business, financial, marketing and sales plans and should align with your company’s vision and purpose. It should identify what roles will be required when and what they should cost.

With our deep understanding of the labour market, agile working and new organisational structures, we can help you to create an organisation that is resilient,  can adapt to change and respond to new opportunities.

Designing agile organisations that are aligned to the workforce of the future