Talented and experienced, but wanting flexibility? we are creating opportunities for you by promoting agile working

At Workpond we know that while many professionals want to work flexibly, there are not enough appropriate roles. We also recognise that if businesses were more ‘agile’, the number of roles available on a part-time, remote, interim, freelance or consultancy basis would increase.

We are therefore committed to helping businesses understand the benefits of agile working and how to design agile organisations. This is where they design specialist roles so that they deliver goals rather than adding together projects and tasks just so that they fit into full-term roles. By helping businesses understand how to do this, we help businesses create more specialist consultancy, freelance, interim, part-time or remote roles – creating opportunities for you.


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Experience where it counts: as specialists in both agile working and business strategy

At Workpond, our recruitment process is thorough and our selection of candidates is rigorous.

When we have a new role, we take time to select the right candidates, getting to know them, their backgrounds and circumstances so that by the time we pass their details to our clients, we know that they will be well matched – in skills, in experience and in values.

Consequently, we hope that we will provide opportunities for you that are both relevant and stimulating.

This is because at Workpond, we believe that best outcomes are achieved when people’s lives and business goals are shared.

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Workpond to colleagues within my industry and friends outside of my industry who may be looking for work"
Workpond Candidate, Engineering Manager
designing agile organisations that are aligned to the workforce of the future
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