Workpond has exciting news for 2017. Following an amazing year of strong partnerships and services we have reviewed our ongoing strategy and we are re-launching as a “Talent Solution Specialist”.

Do you need help understanding your talent needs and designing roles that will attract the right people? Do you want to accommodate your staff’s requests for flexibility, but can’t make it work for your business; or do you simply need an extra pair of experienced hands to help with recruitment? We can help you by working alongside you to build the best teams in an evolving world of work – whether they are working on a full-time, part-time, remote, interim or consultancy basis.

Are you fed up with the high costs of recruitment, but equally put-off by the time-consuming task of doing it yourself? We have designed a new model that allows you the flexibility to choose which parts are the most important to you – and pricing that is competitive with using an internal resource. No more arbitrary percentage recruitment fees. So we can help you by simply designing your organisation and roles, creating a short-list or supporting you through the full recruitment service? Lower transparent fees – what you need, when you need it.

Our deep experience of the evolving world of work, agile working and effective talent solutions enables us to provide you with in-depth support in organisational and role design and strategic workforce planning. This can be accessed through:

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