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Workpond provides Strategic Consultancy, helping clients to design and build Agile Organisations that improve company performance.

We are in an era of rapid and unpredictable change. Businesses that have agile mindsets and workforces are resilient, nimble and can pivot to benefit from sudden market changes.

At Workpond, we understand the pressures that businesses are under and know how to design organisations so that they have the agility to adapt to the changes that they encounter on a daily basis.

We have created a 10 point methodology that allows us to analyse which parts of the business are already operating on an agile basis, and which need to adapt. This includes whether they have a clearly articulated purpose and have mapped out how they will deliver this; how well they understand the labour market and design roles; whether their IT infrastructure can support remote and flexible working; and whether their leadership, processes and organisational structure are optimised.


Agile working: the methodology

Agile organisations have a clear purpose and plan.  They design roles so that they deliver results. They understand how people want to work and how people work best – and focus on outcomes. Agile organisations build collaborative teams using the best possible talent – so organisations need to have the leadership, IT infrastructure, processes and mindset that supports this type of working.

Agile organisations are the future. Agility allows organisations to weather the rapidly changing economic enviroment.

Workpond can help your organisation to become agile.

Our services

Strategic Consultancy

Using the Workpond Methodology, we take our clients through a 3 step process: first assessing their needs; advising them on the changes that need to be made and then working closely with them through the roll-out stage.

Talks and Workshops

We provide Workshops to Executives, HR professionals and Line Managers helping them to understand what it means to be an Agile Organisation and what steps they will need to take to become agile.

Why use Workpond? we know what we are doing

Agile working is being increasingly used as a strategic tool by businesses wanting in gain competitive advantage. We help you understand how it relates to your business; how you can transform your organisation and reap the benefits.

We help you to plan the growth of your organisation. We design roles and processes so that you become more agile and project manage the changes, making it simpler for you. Ultimately, we help you to improve your business performance and make the most of today’s labour market.

Strategic Thinkers

combining business strategies with agile organisational models

Labour Market Specialists

we combine our understanding of today’s labour market with your business strategy

Proven Methodology

successfully helping clients transform to agile working – and improving business performance

Experienced Team

with broad cross sector experience in start-up, SMEs and Corporates

"We found Workpond’s strategic support incredibly helpful and we highly recommend their professional approach"
Workpond Client, Talent Director
"The team have been so supportive in helping us take the first step in hiring people to considering more flexible work approaches"
Workpond Client, Director
Caring, attentive, involved, excellent listening, constructive, energetic, concerned, helpful
CEO & Partner, Chartered Accountancy Firm
"Workpond’s service is exemplary and I will definitely come back to you for all my future recruitment requirements."
Workpond Client, Construction Industry
"A very professional and well-researched workshop educating us how to approach Agile Working in our business."
Associate Director – Talent, Recruitment Agency
Designing agile organisations that are aligned to the workforce of the future
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