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Workpond: advocates of agile working

Workpond is a Talent Strategy Consultancy, designing agile organisations that get the best from today’s workforce.

We are in an era of rapid and unpredictable change. Businesses that have agile workforces are resilient, nimble and can pivot to benefit from market shifts.

At Workpond, we understand the pressures that businesses are under and know how to design organisations so that they have the agility to adapt to the changes that they encounter on a daily basis. We know how to design roles that motivate workers and get the best results for the business. We know how to create agile teams that can ‘drop in’ when needed to solve problems, as well as teams that form a permanent part of the business.

We work within your Organisation, getting to know people at all levels – so that we gain a deep understanding of where the business is going and align your workforce with your vision.

Agile working: the methodology

Agile working is where an organisation anticipates talent needs and adjusts in real time with strategic agility.

It is where a business brings in specialists for a specific purpose, for the time it takes or tailors its resources to its needs. The great thing about agile working is that it supports the way many people want to work today – on a freelance, interim, consultancy, part-time and remote basis.

Agile organisations are ones that understand the benefits of agile working and make use of it, where appropriate. Agile organisations tend to have strong visions and brands. They have purposepace and strong leadership. This allows them to attract high-quality talent – and to grow fast. Agile organisations tend to be innovative – because they can pivot when they need to. They can adjust to economic and political changes because they are nimble. They have strong processes and communication in place so that people know what they are doing and can be trusted to do what they need to do to achieve their goals.

Our services

Talks and Strategic Workshops

We provide interactive talks and workshops to organisations to explain why businesses need to be agile in today’s rapidly changing world – and what agile means. We help participants analyse how ‘agile’ they are, and the steps they need to take to improve their agility.

Agility Consultancy

For those lacking time and resources, we provide consultancy to design and implement agile strategies for businesses. We take clients through the whole process, developing an agile resource plan, designing roles, training managers and putting processes in place to support their strategy.

Agile Recruitment

We provide a refreshing alternative to traditional recruitment – helping companies create their own pools of potential talent, cost effectively. We let clients choose the services they need so they receive as much or as little help as needed – avoiding the expensive percentage fees of a traditional recruiter.

Why use Workpond? we know what we are doing

Agile working is being increasingly used as a strategic tool by businesses wanting in gain competitive advantage. We help you understand how it relates to your business; how you can transform your organisation and reap the benefits.

We help you to plan the growth of your organisation. We design roles and processes so that you become more agile and project manage the changes, making it simpler for you. Ultimately, we help you to improve your business performance and make the most of today’s labour market.

Strategic Thinkers

combining business strategies with agile organisational models

Labour Market Specialists

we combine our understanding of today’s labour market with your business strategy

Proven Methodology

successfully helping clients transform to agile working – and improving business performance

Experienced Team

with broad cross sector experience in start-up, SMEs and Corporates

"Workpond’s services have been invaluable in helping us shape and structure our HR strategy"
Workpond Client, Operations Director
"The Workpond team is full of energy and ideas while remaining keen listeners. I would highly recommend."
Workpond Client, Events Company
"The team have been so supportive in helping us take the first step in hiring people to considering more flexible work approaches"
Workpond Client, Director
"A very professional and well-researched workshop educating us how to approach Agile Working in our business."
Associate Director – Talent, Recruitment Agency
"We found Workpond’s strategic support incredibly helpful and we highly recommend their professional approach"
Workpond Client, Talent Director
Designing agile organisations that are aligned to the workforce of the future
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